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Millennium wellness USA has been involved in the hormone therapy field for 14 years.  Through patient feedback and research based treatment the pellets have been the optimal way to treat hormone deficiencies.  Not all patients are candidates for pellet therapy and a trial for other forms may be necessary.

Millennium wellness center in Dayton has been involved in many studies that have been published all over the world.




Melanie Parsons is the founder of Millennium Wellness Centre. She has a B.Med. Sci from the University of Sydney and a Masters in Applied Science (Chiro) from Macquarie University.  Melanie has just returned from living in the USA for the past 14 years, where she has built a business under the Millennium Wellness name focusing on hormone replacement therapy.  Working with patients, she has seen first hand the huge benefits that hormone therapy can bring both men and women.  She has also been involved in published studies regarding the safety and benefits of pellet therapy, and continues to be instrumental in research for developing this therapy.  

Dr Shefauli Chauhan

Dr Shefauli Chauhan


Dr Shefauli Chauhan is an Australian doctor trained in Queensland, Victoria and ACT.  Dr Chauhan is passionate about empowering her patients by helping them to feel confident, with a special interest in women’s health and rejuvenation.

She has 
recently moved from Melbourne to Sydney and is enjoying her time in her new city
Women now live in an age where it is acceptable to strive towards body confidence and optimal health and sexual wellbeing, as it should be. The Viveve offers an evidence-based, in-office treatment that provides vaginal tissue rejuvenation which helps not only with laxity, but also with incontinence, dryness and sexual comfort. This is advantageous as it does not carry the risks associated with surgical treatments as well as minimal downtime.
The physical benefits reported by both women and their partners are usually apparent around the three month mark, with the full effect of treatment seen by twelve months where tissue rejuvenation is complete.

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